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Steam Chamber

The Herbal Steam Chamber is a highly decorated, fully enclosed and internally lit steam chamber.

It differs from a standard steam room because it delivers a 'tropical rain shower' at the end of a session. This is used to cleanse the skin of the herbal body polishes that form part of the Pig In Mud and Signature Body Rituals.

The Herbal Steam Chamber is only available during Pig In Mud and Signature Body Rituals.

Signature Packages

pig in mud

Pig in Mud is a fun, invigorating and detoxifying
treatment that takes place in our Herbal Steam Chamber.

This ancient Arabic cleansing ritual uses mineral-rich mud, heat and steam. The Herbal Steam Chamber (also known as a Mud Rasul) is a tiled chamber decorated in the Turkish Ottoman style to enhance the authenticity of this ancient beauty and cleansing treatment.

Pig in Mud is available as part of our A La Carte menu.

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